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Karen Scully found a yummy outlet for her artistic talents when she was downsized in 2015. Since then she’s built an on-line community of like-minded creative bakers, and shares some of her best baking tips, creative pie designs, and a delicious chocolate crust fruit pie recipe here.

The Evolution of a Creative Pie Baker







After 27 years of loyal service working in data analysis & reporting at a large corporation, Karen found herself laid off – unfortunately not a unique situation for mature / senior employees and executives these days.

What to do? Now approaching her 50+ years, she began exploring new job opportunities and landed several short-term work placements. A few years later, she settled on a full time job as a transportation co-ordinator for Pepsi.

In the interim, between jobs Karen was able to indulge her love of creative baking – a seed of interest that was first planted as a child, standing on a chair beside Mom in the kitchen.

A side benefit of all this baking while job-searching (aside from the obvious goodies to eat)?

Baking is a great stress reliever

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creative pie

(Creative Fruit Tarts)



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