The upper years of your life ought to be the most fun. After all, you have more free time to do whatever you want. But it turns out that free time isn’t the only thing that increases over the years. So does pain.







Whether you’re walking somewhere, lifting something, or even just standing still, you may find yourself having to deal with considerable pain in your back, legs, neck, or head. Not only is the feeling unpleasant, but it can keep you from achieving things you should be able to do.

If this sort of thing happens, you can try many remedies.

To begin with, of course, there are whatever pain pills you have in your medicine cabinet. These can certainly be helpful, but there are definite limits to observe. The directions on the bottle, or on the prescription they came with, should spell those limits out.

There may also be a few concoctions in your refrigerator or liquor cabinet that have some pleasant pain-relieving capability. Here again, there are important limits to observe, especially if you intend to do any driving.

And of course, you can usually find pain relief through the help of a doctor, chiropractor, physical therapist, or guru. But what if none of the above produces the effect you need?  The solution often seems to be up to us to find on our own. I think we all can remember some acquaintance who was successful in coping well with severe pain that refused to go away. My mother endured a slipped disk in her back, and my father had excruciating knees – I wondered for years how they managed to deal so well with their severe continuing pain. Apparently they just developed the strength to put it aside and concentrate as much as possible on the good things that life has to offer. Most of us can probably manage to do the same if we try.

If pain means your body is telling you about a problem it’s having, that might actually be a good thing. At least it’s communicating with you. And if you keep expanding that communication, you may find yourself in better touch with yourself than before. In the long run, you may find that the greater self-awareness and understanding that results is worth putting up with a little pain.

Coming to grips with pain that won’t quit
is never an easy thing to do.
If medicine & doctors can’t handle it,
maybe it just needs some toughness from you.


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