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bigstock Happy Senior Friends Cheering 281568430 1 scaled

Through the ages, the life expectancy of humans has increased drastically. In the 1900’s life expectancy was still only 31 years of age. With advances in medical technology, such as the inventions of insulin or antibiotics, in some countries life expectancy is now more than 89! People live longer now and can share their wisdom and stories over several generations. Senior Citizen’s Day celebrates the fact that these citizens are now living to a ripe old age while still maintaining their good health.

How can you celebrate Senior Citizen’s Day?

Senior Citizen’s Day is August 21st each year and there are special ways to celebrate such as:








  • offering to volunteer at local senior centres or retirement homes.
  • becoming a visitor at senior’s facilities. Many seniors no longer have family or friends still living who can spend part of each day with them.
  • spending time with your senior parents or grandparents. Family is one way to show your appreciation of seniors and all they have to offer. Many older family members can give us details on our ancestors and relate family stories from other generations.

We should be proud that we are able to celebrate Senior Citizen’s Day each year. It shows how far we have come and by celebrating our oldest citizens we show that we care. Some countries have a better track record when it comes to looking after the older generations. Children and grandchildren make sure that their parents and grandparents always have a home with them. Seniors are respected and thought of as important members of the community.

The western world is still behind as far as senior care is concerned. Too often seniors are sent off to a home to live and relatives rarely visit. Senior Citizen’s Day should be a day to remind you that we still have a long way to go in learning how to best care for our most important citizens.