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Many younger people feel romance is just for them. They can’t imagine older adults or seniors having anything that resembles romantic feelings. But actually the opposite is true. The older we get, the more we need companionship, the touch of another person and someone to share our time with. Most seniors realize that a romantic relationship loses its excitement after awhile. What they are looking for is another person to be close to and to talk to each day. Let’s talk about senior romance!

Obstacles to Romance

  • Women tend to outlive men and men tend to look for a partner who is younger than them.
  • Our bodies and brains age and because of this we may lose much of our mobility. This can cause a sexual relationship to be difficult.
  • Our families, especially our grown children, may object to a parent who embarks on a new relationship when they are older. Sometimes they may feel the new partner is using their parent for money or as someone to look after them in their senior years. There is a good reason for them to worry, especially if their loved one is showing cognitive decline or signs of dementia.
  • Isolation may also create an obstacle to romance. For some seniors it is difficult to meet new people. For others who live in assisted living homes, the opportunities to meet a new partner are frequent.







Our society in general feels that seniors have no need for romance. They think that their interests are limited to activities like bingo, knitting and golf. They don’t realize that their loved one could be lonely and in need of a partner to spend their time with. Seniors are just like younger adults. They need to take their time getting to know another person and ensure that what they’re told is the truth. For most seniors a romantic relationship is healthy and can help them to live longer and much happier! To read the full article on senior romance, click here.