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Seniors play an important role in our lives. They contribute to society in many ways, by volunteering, giving generously to charities and also looking after their grandchildren. October 1 is National Senior’s Day, a tribute to seniors everywhere that have helped to build the country and continue to help out in communities.

Seniors, regardless of their age, continue to contribute to society by:

  • Providing emotional support and friendship to those of all ages.
  • Helping out with care for spouses and ailing friends. Many seniors are also caregivers.
  • Passing on knowledge and wisdom to younger generations.
  • Teaching us lessons in how to deal with grief and heartache.
  • Helping others to learn.







Many younger people take seniors for granted. Little do they know how interesting the elderly can be and how much they could learn from older people. Many seniors have lived through huge changes in history and could teach younger adults how to cope with change. Society as a whole is now more stressed and anxious than it has ever been. Learning how to deal with change in a healthy way is something seniors are good at.

Celebrate National Senior’s Day by:

  • Spending some time at a senior’s facility. Talk to some of the people there and learn about their history. You can find out fascinating things about your community and its past by speaking with senior citizens.
  • Invite your grandparents out for the day. Ask them about their favorite places in your community and how they remember it from when they were children. You’ll be surprised to find out how much your town or city has changed over the years.

Look for events in your locality this National Senior’s Day. Many senior centers and facilities will be hosting information sessions this October 1st. Offer to volunteer and help out while spreading the word about senior’s contributions. For more information on National Senior’s Day, click here.