Seniors Lifestyle Magazine Senior Playgrounds
Seniors Lifestyle Magazine Senior Playgrounds

Seniors like to have just as much fun as kids! Most enjoy more than just knitting, playing cards, and reading. Active seniors = happy seniors.

Do active seniors like playing? You bet!

A new trend is emerging across the US and Europe with playgrounds for seniors because of our aging population. Gone are the days that playgrounds are only for kids. About time!

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The important social and physical aspects these playgrounds offer give the same benefits as it would for kids. Keeping active and socializing is essential for everyone especially seniors. These playgrounds offer both.

Just another great way to also spend quality time with kids and grandkids while getting out and having some fun.

Intergenerational playgrounds are great places for kids,too. While their grandkids are playing seniors can join as well. They don’t have to just sit on a bench observing anymore. Active seniors with active kids. Great role modelling!

So with all these benefits, let’s get playing!

Seems like these playgrounds offer:

  • social benefits
  • physical benefits
  • interactive time with family
  • an excuse to get outdoors
  • fun and entertainment
  • some good old laughs

What else could you ask for?

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