Secret to Aging Well scaled

How many seniors do you know who are living life to the fullest? Maybe they are bright, have hobbies, are content and love life. At the same time they make you look forward to your senior years because they don’t feel that the best part of their lives is over. Some may be chronically ill or disabled. Possibly they are housebound. But they make the best of their days and don’t complain because they can’t do all of the things they once did. How do seniors manage to age well?

What are their secrets?

  • Start living in a healthy way now. Don’t wait until you become ill to change your habits. Healthy aging starts when we are very young. Did you spend your younger years as a couch potato or were you always on the move? What type of job did you have? When many of us grew up there were no rules in place for safety issues. This can affect us as we grow older.
  • Improve your diet. We’ve learned that a diet which is similar to the Mediterranean Diet is the most healthy diet for all of us. Not all of us live where we can have fresh fruits and vegetables each day. Try to buy what is in season for your area or the freshest possible. Stick to lean meats and fish.
  • Improve the quality of your sleep. Many of us sleep too much, too little or not well at all. Change your evening habits. Try to get to sleep earlier and relax before bedtime. Turn off your computer and television. Read a book or listen to music instead.
  • Movement is important. While there is a tendency to slow down with age, that is no reason to stop moving altogether. Try slow stretches, walking, yoga, anything that will keep you flexible and help to improve balance. One of the risks seniors face is a serious fall. Improving your balance and strengthening your body will help to keep you from falling.






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