SLM Stroke Trigger scaled
SLM Stroke Trigger scaled

When you hear the word gun, what do you think about? Bullets, gunshots and a trigger, right? Well I do. And many think danger or death. Now we hear that there is possibly a new trigger for strokes. The worse part, this trigger can be silent. Sounds like danger and death to me again.

Now I am not a medical expert, so if you have any concerns, please talk to your doctor. However, like most of the Seniors Lifestyle Magazine team, I do enjoy staying on top of latest studies within the medical industry. Strokes are of particular interest to me because my father suffered from one. Imagine a healthy, 74 year old family man, who was still working, had his regular workout at the gym one day, suffers a severe stroke in his sleep that same night. Hard to believe. You can read more about my Dad’s stroke journey under our Stories section starting with the first article.

Let’s talk about this new possible silent trigger. Atrial fibrillation. Also known as Afib. Most of us have heard of it probably because over 3 million North Americans have it. It is an abnormal heart rhythm. The scary part is most people don’t even know they have it!

So any of us could be walking around thinking all is okay and yet be suffering from an abnormal heart rhythm. And this silent issue, can cause a stroke.

Check out the original article with detailed insight below and let us know what you think.