In 2012, the United Nations declared that June 1 would be the day to observe the Global Day of Parents. This day is to celebrate and honor parents and their commitment to children worldwide. It is also a day to show appreciation of the role they play in nurturing and helping their children to grow in a variety of ways.

Parents all over the world are the primary teachers and caregivers of their children. Their job is to teach them to be independent and lead a productive life. They are the foundation of all communities, everywhere. Global Parents Day is an opportunity to show appreciationĀ for all they have done for their children, for their commitments and their sacrifices.

How has parenting changed in the last several decades?

  • Parents are now raising their children in a digital age. They need to be able to navigate a technological world. This will help teach their children by leading and not following.
  • Children now have access to almost unlimited amounts of information which previously was not available to them or to their parents. They also have unlimited entertainment available. They have the ability to connect with their peers all over the world. Parents are the ones who need to decide if this is what their children really need. In order for their children to mature and still adapt to a digital society, how much access is enough access?
  • Cultural traditions are falling by the wayside. Traditions were once used as a way to teach children and help guide them. Without traditional values, parents have an even more difficult time raising children to follow any rules. Parents now need to walk a fine line of allowing access to digital information. They also must continue to raise children who are caring and have feelings for others.

The Global Day of Parents is celebrated by activities in communities worldwide. Its basis is to ensure that children are raised in a healthy environment with rituals and rules that will provide a lifetime of strength. It is also a great opportunity for parents worldwide to thank their parents for everything that was done for them.