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In some areas the snow is already falling and seniors are getting ready to enjoy the cold days and early evenings. Outdoor activities take extra care because of extreme changes in weather which can make even walking dangerous. Below are some activities that we can all enjoy this season.


Walking is great exercise at any time of the year. When it isn’t stormy and on sunny winter days, take to the streets of your neighbourhood for some exercise. Dress for the weather in layers. Add a warm hat, scarf and flat, rubber soled boots. For those who use canes your can purchase a special cane spike for additional safety. If the weather is bad, many seniors walk at their local mall. Some malls have walking groups set up that meet each day for company.


Since yoga is a low impact form of exercise it’s a good one for most seniors. It stretches out those stiff muscles and helps with balance problems. Yoga can also be done at home while you listen to relaxing music. It will help to increase your flexibility as you age and also helps to combat anxiety.


Swimming is a favourite activity of many seniors. Many hotels as well as public pools and the YMCA hold senior’s only swimming groups. There are also classes available for those with little or no prior experience. Swimming can increase your strength and flexibility. It’s easy on the joints since you are exercising in water.

Not all winter activities involve exercise. During the winter the weather can be extremely cold and blustery. Night falls early and for many seniors there is nothing better than an evening spent with a good book and a cup of hot chocolate. Balance out your day by having both physical activities as well as those that help you to relax. To read more about winter activities for seniors, click here.