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Senior Caregiver Employee Issues Revealed

Senior Caregiver Employee Issues Revealed  Great insight into five critical issues that currently are faced in the workplace by those employees caregiving. These five signs could be an indication that employees might be struggling to balance...

Super Sexy Senior Sundays!

So this could be any day of the week but let's talk about Sundays since today is Sunday! Have you ever noticed that Sunday seems to be a day...
Seniors Lifestyle Magazine Senior Serious Fun What Motivates

18 Reasons Why Getting Older Is NOT boring!

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Seniors Lifestyle Magazine Heart Attack Story

Losing Faith? She Was Our Light Until She was in Darkness Series

The caregiver journey has begun. The next thing I know was my sister came rushing and was asking me what happened. She was immediately worried about the hospital bills...
Seniors Lifestyle Magazine Pet Therapy

Woof Meow – Let’s Talk Pet Therapy!

Animal-assisted therapy, also known as pet therapy, has been used for many years.  Hospital settings use pets to help patients, as do long term care facilities, and assisted living facilities. There...
Seniors Lifestyle Magazine ecaring technology

New Technology to Track Senior Wellness – e-caring is here!

Well we have heard of email, electronics, e-myths, e-learning, e-bay, e-news, e-transfer, etc. etc. etc. but now e-caring?We were impressed with the initiative to create such an application and why it...
Seniors Lifestyle Magazine Senior Fun

Oh Yeah! Senior Fun Talk

Some days are too hot, some days are too cold, some days it's raining! BUT there is always something you can do to have some fun and enjoy yourself....