bigstock goals New Year resoluti 202645309 scaled
bigstock goals New Year resoluti 202645309 scaled

It’s almost that time of year again. It’s the time when we think of all of those bad habits that we really would like to replace with good habits. As we get older we tend to forget about resolutions for the new year. But it’s even more imperative, as seniors, that we stick to healthy habits and get rid of those that can cause us harm or just aren’t helping us to be our best.

What are some good resolutions for older adults in 2018?

  • Every year the resolution to quit smoking is at or near the top of the list. More than 1 billion people in the world are smokers and those are just the ones that admit to it! It’s very difficult to quit smoking but keep trying. It usually takes multiple attempts before smokers can quit smoking. The result? A healthier heart and lungs, more energy and you’ll smell better!
  • Decide that you will do something about your anxiety or depression. The rates of anxiety are going up in the world that we live in now and it’s no surprise. Depression is also common. Speak with your doctor about how you feel. Also, get outside more and move around. Nature and exercise, either alone or combined are known to help with anxiety and depression.
  • Most of us need more sleep. Though some of us who go without sleep do have sleep problems, the rest of us just don’t take the time to get the rest we need! Start a new evening schedule. Get off the computer, turn off the television and spend some time on yourself. Learn to pamper yourself a bit in the evening. Take a warm bath or relax and listen to music. Listen to your body and know when it needs to wind down.







In 2018 set a goal that will help to improve your physical, mental or overall health. Make it fun so that you actually work on it. To read more about 2018 resolutions for older adults, click here.