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Seniors love Valentine’s Day too. If you are a caretaker for a senior or work in a senior’s facility, finding Valentine’s Day activities can be difficult. Below are a few that are both mentally stimulating and fun!







Name That Love Song

Over the decades there have been thousands of very popular love songs. Pick some out by the decade or the genre and see if the residents can name the songs. This can be one of the most favourite activities for residents. It brings back memories and in a lot of cases it will start a sing along.

Valentine’s Day Decorations

Crafts are always a favourite. Handmade valentines, stained glass decorations or a valentine mailbox for the resident’s doors are a few that they may enjoy.

Romantic Movie Night (or Day!)

Before Valentine’s Day approaches ask your residents for a list of some of their favourite old time romantic movies. Old time movies and musicals are still favourites of both young and old. Play a few and turn the day into a social for everyone.  It’s a good way for residents to get to know one another better and can spark conversations of years gone by.

Heart Healthy Exercises

Since Valentine’s Day is about our hearts this is a good day to remind seniors of heart healthy activities. Yoga and tai-chi could be taught or have a day of dance classes, concentrating on some of the dances from years past. Those in wheelchairs can also do modified exercises.

Don’t forget the treats because Valentine’s Day is all about sweets. There are healthy ways to enjoy chocolate and other sweets. This is the perfect time to give cooking or baking lessons in heart healthy snacks or sweets. Valentine’s Day is not far off now. For more ideas on activities that are mentally stimulating, click here.