Seniors Lifestyle Magazine Benefits of Meditation
Seniors Lifestyle Magazine Benefits of Meditation

Have you heard of meditation? Do you know what is it? What it does? We hear it is good for us. What are the real health benefits for senior meditation?

Mindfulness meditation can improve quality of life. It can help in overall health of seniors. Regardless of age, mindfulness meditation can be used to benefit everyone.

There are endless mental and physical health benefits for those who practice it. To achieve the benefits, it should be integrated into your life. Even used on a daily basis.

Meditation has been generally used in Buddhist traditions for centuries. Mindfulness meditation has emerged and become very popular in Western Society. Very recently is has been adopted by pyschologists and therapists. They view it as a tool to calm the mind. Reduce worry and anxiety. Including for seniors.

What are the benefits of senior meditation?

  1. Seniors who experience loneliness may be at increase risk for a variety of health problems.  Research shows that meditation is an effective way to stave off risks caused by loneliness.
  2. Research shows meditation may be effective in fighting off Alzheimer’s and dementia. It may decrease the progession of both diseases.
  3. Depression can often be altered when a senior practices meditation.
  4. Improved oxygen through breathing and meditation helps overall health.
  5. Insomnia issues can often be alleviated with daily meditation.

Senior meditation has many health benefits. Benefits for everyone. Just hearing about these benefits makes senior meditation worth considering.

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