70 year itch scaled
70 year itch scaled

Society has its own specific views on seniors and sex. We’ve all heard the derogatory terms: dirty old man, horny old broads. Youth oriented cultures are extremely uncomfortable with the idea of older people having sex. Part of this has to do with their inability to confront getting old. All of us, at one time or another, didn’t think we would get old. Have you heard of the 70 year itch?

Facts on Sex and Seniors

  • The assumptions about sex and seniors are wrong. There is no age limit on sexual activity and sexuality. Frequency and ability may decline to a certain extent among seniors but the majority of seniors are still very enthusiastic about intimacy and sex.
  • Use it or lose it is not far from the truth. Stay as healthy as you can. Try to stay off medications and stay interested, not just in sex but in all aspects of life. This will help to ensure a good sex life for the rest of your days.
  • Sex helps you live longer. The facts are in. Intimate connections have a powerful effect on our lives. They help us to live longer and to live healthier. So it’s a two way street. Staying healthy helps with sex and having sex helps with health.
  • All is not lost as you age. Baby boomers are helping younger people to see that aging does not mean they will have no sex life. The fastest growing segment of the population, the baby boomers have no intentions of slowing down when it comes to sex.







Sex keeps you physically active and physical activity helps you emotionally. Sometimes a pattern of sexual activity set earlier in life continues into your senior years. If you have always been very interested in sex, that interest is not likely to go away with age. For many, relationships become more intimate emotionally as well as physically. The only problem seniors run into as they age is the lack of partners. With women outliving men, there are not many men available for relationships as they age. To read the full article on seniors and the 70 year itch, click here.