bucket list
bucket list

For many of us who fall under the category of 50+ (and young at heart!) one of the most popular topics of conversation is “Bucket Lists.” We’re not sure what came first, the expression or the movie starring Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman that took a humorous yet poignant look at life and what one might want to do on this earth before they “kick the bucket.” A bucket list – for many – means something for people to aspire to, plan towards and to enjoy. Folks include all kinds of things on their bucket list like learning a new skill, travel, learning a language or choosing to spend more time with family. Today – we’re taking a look at the results of our own survey of our Amintro family, creating from their responses this Top Ten List of Bucket List Possibilities.

Top Ten Bucket List Possibilities! (In no particular order….)

  1. Not surprisingly travel is pretty much the top of the list for many folks. Our Amintro members were probably pretty busy with career and families in their 20’s, 30’s and 40’s – so now they tell us, in their 50’s, travel has become a priority. Bucket List destinations often include major tourist sites like:
  • The Great Wall of China
  • The Eiffel Tower
  • An African Safari
  • The Pyramids of Egypt
  • Seeing the Northern Lights
  • Hiking the Machu Pichu
  • Australia or Thailand or Bali
  • Europe, Brazil, the Galapagos or Cruising the world in a luxury liner
  1. For others – learning a new skill now is on their list of things to do including: snorkelling or scuba diving, opening a whole new world under the sea. The opportunity to see coral reefs, stunning and beautiful schools of fish or explore a historical shipwreck are all options when you learn a new skill like scuba diving.
  1. If a new skill is too much to ponder – how about just trying something new? Take a hot air balloon ride or book a flight in a small plane or helicopter (say, over the Grand Canyon for example) and enjoy the experience of flying but without all the hassles of the airport!
  1. Spending time with the grandkids ranked pretty darn high for most Amintro members and who can blame them! Grandchildren are an opportunity to enjoy all the fun aspects of having kids without all that hassle of actually having to “parent” them. Not only do the grandchildren get spoiled but it’s a perfect excuse for grandparents to indulge too. You certainly aren’t going to buy ice cream for the grandkids and not enjoy one yourself are you?
  1. Many of our Amintro members have come here from countries around the world and have already mastered learning a new language – English. Now, maybe you want to learn another one whether just for the fun of it or because you plan to travel to a particular destination and want to be able to speak easily with the inhabitants. What better way to spend retirement than learning a new language, travelling to the country where that is spoken and then fully immersing yourself in the lifestyle while there.
  1. Next up in the Amintro survey of bucket list dreams? The many folks who told us they wanted to write a book! Wouldn’t you love to meet a fellow aspiring novelist and find out what inspired them to write? Maybe it’s to pen your life story, perhaps a mystery has always been niggling away at you just itching to be written or maybe you’re a romance novelist at heart. Whatever you write about, given the wide variety of Amintro respondents that listed writing a book as a bucket list item you are bound to find someone with a shared interest.
  1. Teach yourself something simple – perhaps something a little less stressful than scuba diving! Like to dance or swim or bake or take up art or learn an instrument. This is your chance to do something new, unique or creative. Make a commitment to yourself – if it’s on your bucket list, commit to making it happen!
  1. Travel in an RV throughout Canada/ North America / Australia. This was a common theme amongst our survey respondents. Seems like there are many people looking to experience the open road and the freedom that travelling in an RV provides. No reservations required, no specific destination in mind – just you, a friend and the freedom to drive!
  1. Get fit. Lots of folks tell us that getting older isn’t about “aging gracefully” but rather, it’s a chance to truly focus on themselves and their health and many choose to do so by setting impressive goals like running a marathon or a triathlon. Way to go!
  1. Finally – a good number of the Amintro family tell us that the 50-+ years are a time for them to give back, volunteer and donate their time to an organization they care about it. That’s a concept we can certainly all support!

There you have it. Plenty of reasons to make a new friend. Because items on a bucket list are always best shared with friends. Sign up with Amintro today or if you’re already a member, make sure your profile is current and your bucket list items are included. The more you share, the more likely you’ll be to find a match to share your next adventure with – whatever that adventure is!