Thoughtful Gifts

While it would be lovely if everyone was always happy and healthy at all times in their lives, this is not the case. Many people find themselves in situations of need for one reason or another. Maybe they are stuck at home with an illness, going through a rough patch at work, dealing with a breakup or struggling some other way. The reasons are almost endless.

As a friend, you want to do things to help them feel better and show them you are thinking about them. Thankfully, there are a lot of gestures and gifts that are thoughtful and can show your friend or loved one that you care. This article is going to go over a couple of them to help you make the right choice the next time a friend of yours is in need.



A great option to show someone you care is by giving them some get-well flowers. No matter the occasion, or what is happening, flowers can be a great gift to lift someone’s spirit. No only do they look good, but they also smell incredible and can help to freshen up a bedroom, office, or entire home.

Flowers come in all different colors, styles and sizes, so you can always find someone something they will love. Of course be aware of any allergies an individual may have as some flowers can be bad for those with allergies.

A Care Package of Their Favorite Things

Nothing makes someone cheer up quite like their favorite things. If someone you know is in need, consider making up a custom care package full of their favorite things and deliver it to them. This could be anything from their favorite snacks, favorite magazines, favorite candles, a skincare product they like, some lotion or anything else that they enjoy.

They are sure to notice and appreciate all the thought and care that went into this gift, and it is sure to help them out of their funk. Once you have the items, simply put them in a basket and wrap it in plastic, and you have a brilliant customized gift.

Send Them Something to Help them De-Stress

Many people lead very stressful lives. They might have an intense job, a ton of schoolwork or they might be worn out from caring for their elderly parents. Whatever the reason, a ton of stress is bad for both our mental and physical health.

All of this stress is what often leaves people struggling and in need of assistance from friends or family. One of the nicest gestures you can do to help someone who is overwhelmed and in need, is offer them something to help them reduce their stress levels in life.

This could be some relaxing lotion, a back or neck massager, some face masks, or some yoga sessions. You could even opt to get them a spa gift card to go take a day relaxing with a facial, pedicure, manicure or massage.

A Helpful Book

Books are an incredibly underrated gift and reading can be a great way to improve your feelings and outlook on life. Giving someone in need a self-help or wellness book relating to their issues and problems can be a great way to help them get over them.

These are often full of helpful tips and information to deal with what is bothering them, as well as helping them see things from different perspectives. There are hundreds of these available, so you are sure to find one that fits and can prove helpful for your friend.

In addition to self-help and wellness books, there are several others to consider gifting them as well. Books can be a great way to escape reality, so picking up a fantasy, Sci-fi or other novel can help them visit a new world and momentarily forget the problems they may be encountering in this one.

Of course, make sure the person likes to read and enjoys the type of book you picked out for them. If they’re not a reader, this book (despite how much it may help them) will often simply end up collecting dust.

Take Them Out for Coffee or Dinner

While gifts are great and can certainly be appreciated, it isn’t the only way to offer your support and help out a friend in need. Another option is to take them out to dinner or for coffee. Sometimes, all your friend needs is some face-to-face with someone that cares about them to help them feel better.

This simple act of dinner or coffee can often mean much more to someone who is in need or struggling than you might think. Of course, during this meal or coffee, be sure to engage them in conversation and try to help them have a good time. 

Also, even if they might be struggling, don’t force them to open up and tell you everything. If they want to and feel comfortable doing so, they will. Your only goal here is to offer them support, show up for them and lend an ear.

Send Them a Heartfelt Message, Card or Note

Sometimes, all it takes is a little message, card or note showing your support to help someone feel better. The note could talk about what they mean to you, could explain to them that you are always available to talk, or even simply include a story from your past with them that will make them smile.

This gesture is one that shows you care, and lets them know you are thinking about them and are there to help if they need it. It is very heartfelt, and a handwritten note takes effort and thought that some relatively-basic gifts may not, and that is certainly noticed.

In conclusion, any of these gifts and gestures are sure to help someone in need feel better. Sometimes, all it takes is a kind gesture to bring someone out of their funk, so don’t hesitate to help those in need.