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Many people just assume that as we age, we have more health issues. While that may be true in some cases, in fact more seniors are active and healthier then their predecessors. We know how important a healthy lifestyle is to the aging process, so often we are actually feeling better and living longer.

So what does this mean?

Well, just because we are aging doesn’t mean we will be sick or experience certain symptoms. In fact, seniors are aging well today, some still have ailments but many are reaching their 80s before ever being hospitalized!

Three key symptoms that some may think are age related are: depression, weakness and feeling tired.

Depression can be caused by many things and should be assessed. To keep your mind sharp remember to increase cognitive activity.

Weakness can appear in a variety of ways and should also be discussed with your doctor. Simple exercises may help to improve any loss of strength you may be experiencing but again, get it checked out.

Feeling tired can also be caused by many things including insomnia but should be assessed.

But these symptoms may not be age related so you should get them checked out if they persist.

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