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It’s becoming more and more evident that sleeping with your dog is good for you! This is great news to dog lovers everywhere, but is there scientific evidence to back it up?

There is! For instance, sleeping with your dog reduces depression by increasing the flow of oxytocin (the love chemical) whenever we’re touching a dog. This means that while your dog is cuddled up next to you, they are acting as a living antidepressant!







Another great perk? That oxytocin promotes theta brainwaves which are the waves that are known to occur during the REM stages of sleep. This can not only help you get better sleep but wake up feeling more rejuvenated than ever. 

For those who might be experiencing insomnia, having your dog with you can help you fall asleep. It relieves insomnia by mitigating anxiety and helping with hyperarousal and hypervigilance. All of these things can work together to help you drift off to sleep without a problem.

Next, if you are lonely you might want to consider sleeping with your dogs. Loneliness can happen to anyone but can be a major problem for seniors. Having the companionship of a pup can not only benefit people feeling lonely during the day, but at night too. 

Sleeping with your pet has even been shown to help lower blood pressure readings! One study found that dog interaction (like petting or touching a dog) helped lower the blood pressure and promote a healthy heart. 

If these reasons weren’t enough, Casper has put together a visual that includes all the reasons you should be sleeping with your pup. Don’t have a dog? There are tons of dogs at the shelter that need a good home, many of these are senior dogs. Senior dogs are often trained, calm and just looking for a loving home. Think about the mutually beneficial relationship that could hold!

One thing to note: there are some people who should probably not sleep with their dog. This includes people who are injured or have severe allergies. Also, if you’re a very light sleeper you may consider letting your dog sleep on the floor next to you, as their movements during the night could wake you up. However, if you aren’t experiencing any of these issues, sleeping with your dog could improve your life!