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Seniors love a party just as much as the younger generations, maybe even more! From Thanksgiving right through to the New Year there are parties galore. What’s important to remember is that many of those party treats involve rich meals and too much alcohol. Below are a few tips to enjoying the holiday parties without regretting it afterward.

Stick to what you know you can eat







This means that for those of you with dietary restrictions, don’t decide to take a day or a week off. Those with diabetes or other diseases know that there are certain things they can’t overindulge in. A taste of something is okay, a whole meal of items that you shouldn’t be eating can leave you paying the price for weeks or longer.

Pick and choose your parties

If Aunt Mary and Uncle George are known for having bashes that last all night and include a lot of drinking, that may be one party to skip. You don’t have to hit every celebration in town. Pick one or two with relatives or good friends, then skip the rest. Better yet, have your own party and only invite those who you know you’d like to spend time with!

Don’t forget your water intake

Staying hydrated is important during a season that tends to be busy and stressful. By increasing your fluids it may be easier to say no to that extra piece of cheesecake. Water can also help you digest your meals more easily so keep it at the top of your list.

Keep exercising and get lots of rest

If it’s too cold to walk during the holidays, find a party where you can dance and wear off a few calories while staying in shape. Early to bed should be your mantra, whether you’re out or not. Think of Cinderella and leave by midnight!

After the New Year many of us are worn out and full of resolutions to better ourselves. Enjoy your holidays but don’t go overboard celebrating. Healthy living and a good time can go hand in hand. To read more on healthy holiday party tips for older adults, click here.