SLM talks to Caregiving Conference scaled

Are you a caregiver? How is your caregiving journey going? Do you feel you have enough support? Are you connecting with other caregivers? Or are you still not sure what you need to do?

At Seniors Lifestyle Magazine, we have previously shared caregiving articles including some on caregiving support.    

It is wonderful that there are options to help caregivers everywhere. And we love sharing information about all of them. Especially live conferences including hosting their 1st Annual National Caregiving Conference in Chicago on December 2nd and 3rd. This event is a great opportunity for caregivers to come together.

The agenda for this conference is an amazing combination of events throughout the 2 days, with some great exhibitors and sponsors. So check it out!

We can never have enough support. Hearing from other caregivers and experts can help you with your caregiving journey. Learn something new, understand available solutions, meet some great people, feel empowered and take a much deserved break!

Let us know what you think!