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Denmark’s winters are long, cold and dark. Some days there are 17 hours of darkness. The country is known for its snow and sleet. The Danes have learned to live comfortably with this and enjoy it with their practise of hygge, pronounced hue-guh. Hygge has no real definition other than a feeling of coziness, security, comfort and charm, whether with others or alone. Those of us who live in other countries that experience cold, dark winters could learn a little about hygge and enjoy the winter season a lot more!

How can you create hygge for yourself this winter?

  • Learn to enjoy the comforts of the season. Winter is cold, dark and stormy. Create a cozy area in your home with throws, blankets and cushions where you can spend time alone or with others. Add candles (flameless if you have pets!), board games and books, anything that you and/or others can enjoy together on a cold day or night. Spending time indoors is much better when you have everything you need to be comfortable.
  • Stock up on your favourites. This can be movies, books, music, food, whatever will make you feel secure and happy. Plan on trying out some new winter recipes such as homemade soups or a favourite dish that has been passed down through the family.
  • Spend some time outdoors. Hygge doesn’t mean closing yourself off for the whole season. Dress up in your warmest sweater, hat, comfortable boots and jacket. Take a walk after a fresh snowfall. Many of us forget how to appreciate all of the seasons and getting outside, even at the coldest time of year, is good for us.

Hygge doesn’t have one particular meaning. If it’s something that makes you feel good, like everything is right with the world, then it is hygge! To read more about hygge and Danish secrets to getting through the winter, click here.