What do you think of when you think of the holidays? No matter who you are, days like Christmas, Boxing Day, Hanukah, and New Year’s Eve are bound to launch a colourful slideshow of images in your mind.







If your kids are grown, you might look back at many a Christmas Eve spent assembling bicycles and plastic Playmobil sets. Or making last-minute trips to the mall to buy batteries that were “not included” with your teenagers’ electronics. Or, if your family is like a lot of Jewish families, you may remember spending Christmas Day at the local Chinese restaurant, devouring a feast of Dim Sum before rounding up the whole gang to see the latest blockbuster.

Nowadays, as boomers and Gen-Xers have family and friends spread across the country – and the entire globe – you can still find ways to get into the holiday spirit. Especially now that the social app called Amintro can help people over fifty meet new people living nearby. Amintro membership is free and you can register on our website or download the app from the App Store and Google Play.

You don’t need to resemble The Waltons or TLC’s 19 Kids and Counting to make your holidays count. In fact, doing the holidays your own way, with a compatible friend you’ve chosen to spend time with, could make this one of the most magical seasons you’ll ever have.

Plan ahead. 

With Amintro you can develop a new connection with someone who shares the same interests and lives just minutes away. And together, you can make plans now and start any tradition you like.

Volunteer Ideas: 

There are many opportunities to volunteer and help the less fortunate leading up to the holiday season. From wrapping gifts (with proceeds going to charity) to serving turkey dinners at homeless shelters, there are endless ways to keep busy and feel great about your contribution. Search online for upcoming volunteer positions that appeal to you and your friend’s favourite causes, abilities, and availability.

That’s the Ticket:

Christmas Day and New Year’s are busy dates for the restaurants and movie theatres that remain open. Make reservations early, and order your movie tickets in advance, if possible. When holiday line-ups are long, and the box office is sold out, you’ll be glad you did.

Cater to Your Wishes:

Many of us think we need a house full of people to enjoy a holiday dinner. But you can order traditional poultry and stuffing for two or three – without having to mash a single potato. Swiss Chalet’s Festive Special is one option, or you can also ask your local family restaurant or supermarket if they have a holiday catering menu. Be sure to ask by what date your order needs to be placed. Apps like Uber Eats can help, too.

Get creative:

Into photography? Love a long walk? The streets and public spaces are often quiet on the holidays. You and your friend can try to capture that perfect architectural shot with your cameras – without the bustle of cars and pedestrian traffic. Or you can make an advance trip to a pet store or Bulk Barn and buy some birdseed. You and your friend can let the local park’s chickadees dine in the palm of your hand.

With Canadian Thanksgiving right behind us, and the Christmas/Boxing Day/New Year’s civic holidays on the way, most of us have holiday memories, hopes, and dreams. It doesn’t matter if you don’t observe religious holy days, or if you don’t believe in these traditions at all, the onslaught of festivities, traditions and office/retail closures makes the Yuletide tsunami pretty much unavoidable.

To be sure you’ve got your holiday plans laid out, make a list of fulfilling activities you want to try, and check it twice. But first, find a new friend on Amintro, to share in the fun.