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Grandchildren are a wonderful perk of getting older. After all, the saying goes, “If I knew grandchildren were this fun, I would have had them first.” Both grandparents and grandchildren benefit from this special bond and a close relationship between the two generations has actually been found to lower the risk of depression for both. Grandparents are more involved than ever with their grandchildren with many filling in as a regular babysitter while others are raising the children because the parents can’t. Whether your grandchildren are near or far, when they are in your home it’s important that they are safe at all times in your home so you can enjoy every visit without any worries.

3.4 Million Children Injured In The Home

As many as 3.4 million children are injured at home. Most of these injuries can be treated easily at home or in the ER. But sometimes an accident can be life-threatening and this has seen 2,300 children in the US die as a direct result from an accidental injury that happened at home. Most of these accidents were actually preventable and by taking a few safety precautions before your grandchildren visit your home, you can ensure they have a safe place to play and enjoy their time with you. Babies and children grow and develop very quickly and it can seem that almost overnight your little grandchild has gone from a newborn baby to a crawling, climbing and eventually, walking toddler.

43,000 Children Injured In Bathroom Accidents

The bathroom is home to many potential hazards for young children. Ensure that you remove all personal care products, cleaning products, razors and medications out of the reach of your grandchildren. Two-thirds of drownings that happen in the home occur in the bathtub. That’s why supervising them in the bathtub is so important along with putting a non-slip mat on the bottom of the bathtub to avoid them slipping. Over 43,000 children are hurt in showers and bathtubs each year, mostly from slips and falls. When it comes to the toilet you may just worry about germs but your toilet is also a drowning hazard. Children can drown in just two inches of water, furthermore, toilet bowl lids can trap fingers or hit them on the head. Keep the lid down at all times and teach young grandchildren that they can only lift the lid when they are using the toilet and supervised. One of the most crucial things to do is to teach your grandchildren bathroom etiquette and ensure they understand why they must not do certain things.

300 Children Poisoned Every Day

Over 300 children are treated in the ER while two die each day as a direct result of ingesting something poisonous at home. This is generally personal care products such as household cleaning products or cosmetics. Our homes are full of items that could be potentially poisonous to children if consumed. It’s thought that 38% of poisonings involve grandparent’s medications. It’s crucial that all drugs are put out of reach and not left out on countertops, tables or even in drawers. Ensure there is a childproof lock on your medicine cabinet and if you keep medications in your purse then keep an eye on it at all times when your grandchildren are around. You should also ensure that your grandchildren can’t get to any detergents or liquid laundry or dishwasher soap, especially as the pods can often look like candy. It’s estimated that children aged under 5 either inhale, ingest or exposed through eye or skin contact to laundry pods over 9,000 times in just one year alone.

There’s nothing more wonderful than having your grandchildren to visit. Taking certain steps such as removing anything poisonous from their reach and keeping them safe in the bathroom, will ensure that every visit is special and worry-free.

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